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Tue, Aug. 19th, 2008, 07:06 pm

I am so happy to have stumbled across this community! I have had my Oracle for years now, but have never practiced with much conviction. Recently I have acquired my own place (I just turned twenty this summer, and for my junior year of college decided I'd like to live off-campus) and am going through several changes, including the rethinking of my future. I'm a theatre major, and have always been passionate about becoming a professional actress, but after this summer I am considering a somewhat simpler lifestyle. Anxiety is an infliction I have dealt with for very many years, and instead of taking pills I'd much rather choose to simplify my life. I'm worried. I'm lost. I'm tired. So I took out my cards and am using them to guide myself along as I go through these changes. It's so good to have some way of sharing my discoveries and hearing how the cards are helping others.

Today I did a three-card spread, one for what is behind me, one for what I am facing now, and one for what is ahead of me. I drew The Dark Lady reversed, The Singer of Transfiguration, and The Maiden. A very happy reading! The Lady tells me that my choice to leave the theatre may be the right one, or at least I can let it go and still be happy. The Singer shows me I am winning the battle with my anxiety, and that I have transitioned into a happier time of my life. And The Maiden! I believe I am looking forward to a joyous time in my life! A very happy and reassuring reading...Also, all three of my cards today had wings. Perhaps this means that I am able to support myself at last, or maybe that I need not worry so much because I have strong support elsewhere (my parents do still pay for my insurance), or even both.

Is this a good way to interpret this spread? Are there any other ways to read it? I am fairly new at this, and I wonder if I'm going in the right direction. Any feedback???

Wed, Aug. 20th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)

I think your take on the reading was pretty 'spot on'. I agree with the transfiguration card but in a way I think it may be also saying that more so what you are doing to handle it is right and is leading you into a new way of being, so I'd be inclined to really take a look at where those methods are leading you :)